Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake

This cake was made for a baby shower where the gender of the little baby wasn’t known yet. For this reason it was decorated in pink and blue polka dots.

The top of the cake is a little baby’s bottom with legs (of rice krispie treat).

Pink and Blue Baby Shower Cake

To read more about this baby shower cake visit my website

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Valentine’s Day Decorated Cakes

Valentine's Heart Cake

Valentine’s Day is usually symbolized by hearts and the color red. So this Valentine’s Day cake was the perfect symbolization with its heart shape and red fondant decoration.

The sides are decorated with tone-on-tone scroll pipings and white roses on top.

To see more Valentine’s Day inspired cake projects visit my website

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Hello Kitty Pink Bow Cake

Hello Kitty Pink Cake

This lovely, girly Hello Kitty cake was created for a going-away party for a little girl who was moving away.

A large Hello Kitty plaque and a pink bow decorate the top of the cake. The sides are adorned with little daisy flower cutouts.

Hello Kitty Cake

To read more about this cake visit my website

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Purple Yam or Ube Specialty Cake

Did you ever hear about ube or purple yam cake before? I surely did not.

However, should you be from the Philippines or of Filipino heritage you probably have heard of this specialty before. Because ube cake come from the Philippines.

Someone asked me to make a ube cake. Not minding that I had not heard of it or bakes one before I was curious and wanted to try this color rich cake.

I used Google for some research and come across some great websites and recipes and here is my creation:

Please visit my website to read the entire story of this cake: Specialty Ube Halaya Cake and Cupcakes

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Specialty Poker Table Cake

I had a lot of fun creating this casino and poker themed birthday cake. Also the outcome is a very fun-looking cake that resembles a poker table. Everything on it is make from edible products.

But not only the outside was colorful but so was the inside. It was actually two cakes stacked on top of each other.

Most exiting to create were the hand-drawn fondant playing cards. While it seemed like a challenging, almost daunting task at first, it turned into a really fun project that helped me believe more into my own abilities.

If you would like to see more step-by-step instruction and progress pictures of how I made this Poker Table cake check out the full blog post: Poker Table Cake

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Specialty Pink and Green Wedding Cake

Cascading Flowers Wedding Cake

For a wedding on a houseboat on the Okanagan Lake in Kelowna I was asked to create a three-tiered wedding cake red velvet and cream cheese as flavors iced in the white fondant.

The wedding colours were hot pink and lime green, so I created sugar flowers in those colors.

There are pink roses and green chrysanthemum, and light pink and baby green filler flowers.

Pink Gumpaste Roses and Green Chrysanthemum

Specialty Golf Course Cake

I was contacted to create a golf themed cake for a business anniversary celebration.

It started with a vanilla cake with milk chocolate buttercream filling from which I carved a hilly golf course with a creek. It is covered in green fondant with a light blue creek from butter cream icing.

There is also a golf bag I made from gumpaste. It is is laying some cake sand. A hole # 18 flag is on top of the cake with fondant golf balls all around.

Would you like to learn how you can create a golf bag cake topper like this?

I created a step-by-step picture tutorial on Amazon on how you can make a gumpaste golf bag yourself.

Titel page small

Get your copy here.

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Specialty Ninjago Cake

After I created a cake for her daughter’s birthday the customer called me if I could also create a cake for her son’s birthday the following week.

Ninjago must be “the thing” among pre-teen boys currently. From three 6″ layers and one half ball of marble cake I created the head of the birthday boys favorite Ninjago character “Cole”.

It was filled and iced with chocolate buttercream.

The cake board is featuring chocolate and fondant oreos to look like the lego block connectors.
Furthermore there are ninja star cut-outs from fondant.

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Specialty Glamour Justin Bieber Cake

For a 7th Birthday Glamor Party I was asked to create this cake for a birthday girl with Bieber-Fever.

To include the Justin Bieber theme I laminated print outs and stuck them on curled wires.
A pearl necklace, diamond ring, and lip stick are included in the decorations to match the glamor party the girls had.

Pink and lavender are the birthday girls favorite colors and her favorite cake flavor, red velvet, was included with raspberry buttercream.

Specialty Wedding Cake

I hope everyone had a merry and joyful Christmas 2010 and a good start into 2011.

The last 2 months it has been quiet on my blog, but this doesn’t mean I was not busy. The exact opposite actually. I was very busy planning and organizing our wedding which we celebrated on December 18th. Yes, I got married just before Christmas. It was a real Winter Wonderland wedding!

After spending the holidays with friends and family we went to Mexico for our honeymoon and just returned. Now it’s time to update you about the part of the wedding that interests you most: The Cake.

As a custom cake artist of course I could not hand over the task of making the wedding cake to anyone. I tell you, it was a lot of stress with all the other things there were to do, but with the help of a friend we managed well despite a few hiccups.

We don’t have any pictures from our official photographer yet, but a guest happened to snatch a few pictures of the cake in the reception hall before most people arrived. Once I have more pictures I will show you those as well. But here it is…

I decided to have separated tiers instead of a stacked cake as it is common practice in my home country Germany. All tiers are placed on a glass circle which are elevated by upside down wine glasses. Inside those we put white roses.

Our wedding colours were white and blue. Therefore the cake is covered in white fondant with a blue satin ribbon going around. The tops of the three bottom tiers are decorated with a big blue fantasy flower with white centers and rhinestone topped pins as stamens.

On the top tier sits a teddy bear bridal couple. The tiny flowers here have small rhinestones as centers.

For flavours we had carrot cake with cream cheese filling, chocolate cake with chocolate turtle praline filling, and lemon cake with raspberry and lemon curd filling.

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